Joseph Beuys & the 'Energy Plan'

Place:University of Sydney, Australia
Start date:Tuesday 10, April 2012
End date:Friday 29, June 2012
Times:See main article

Joseph Beuys’ multi-disciplinary interests in medicine, science, art, myth and history form the basis of his diverse body of work. His Energy Plan for the Western Man was described by the critic and photographer Werner Krüger as ‘the transformation of Beuysean aesthetic-artistic creativity, his cosmos of ideas, his plastic imagery into photography.’ The exhibition focuses on the relations between Beuys and Krüger who documented his installations and performances. Krüger also played a key role as both a friend and advisor to Elwyn Lynn, first curator of the Power collection.

Curated by Donna Brett

Lunchtime Talks

Wednesday 18 April, 12–1PM
Free Event
Donna West Brett, exhibition curator, on Beuys and his documenter Werner Krüger. University Art Gallery

Wednesday 2 May, 12–1PM
Free Event
Anthony Bond, Director, Curatorial, Art Gallery of New South Wales, on Beuys and his legacy. University Art Gallery

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