Anthroposophical Studies in English – 2nd Year

Place:Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland
Start date:Monday 17, September 2012
End date:Friday 21, June 2013
Times:See main article
Price:Tuition CHF 1000.– per term.

oliver-conradtAnthroposophical Studies in English – 2nd Year

Oliver Conradt, Ph.D.

Objectives of the program
• Creating a basis for an individual path of inner development
• Completing an individual study project in one of the artistic disciplines, the sciences or in philosophy
• Methods of deepening this individual question through Anthroposophical Spiritual Science and related exercises


Working on an individual study project is a central element of the 2nd Year. Members of the Goetheanum staff as well as other mentors with relevant backgrounds support students in their work. Students regularly meet with their mentors. Students present their work at the end of the study year. The other central element is a continuouing text study with a focus on practicing conscious reading of the text. An emphasis will be on Rudolf Steiner’s «Philosophy of Freedom».

Artistic courses in speech formation, eurythmy and the fine arts complement the theoretical work as well as the individual study projects.


Monday through Friday
08.00 – 09.00 a.m. Basic Study with Oliver Conradt Oliver:
Fall Term: The Threshold to the Spiritual World
Winter Term: Christianity As Mystical Fact
Spring Term: The Spiritual Guidance of the Individual and Humanity
09.30 – 10.45 a.m. Individual study time and Artistic Courses:
Speech – Painting – Clay Modeling
11.15 – 12.30 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays: Inner and Outer Aspects of Nature,
Oliver Conradt, Johannes Kühl, Johannes Wirz
Tuesdays: Tutorial «The Philosophy of Freedom» by Rudolf Steiner
Thursdays: Study «The Philosophy of Freedom» by Rudolf Steiner with V. Sease
02.30 – 03.30 p.m. Special Themes – as in «Anthroposophical Studies» (optional)
04.00 – 05.15 / 05.30 – 06.30 p.m. Artistic Courses –
Music – Eurythmy – Clay Modeling – Singing

General Information

Terms of admission
There are no prerequisites regarding previous education, apart from a good working knowledge of the English language. The average number of participants is limited, in order to ensure a seminar-like study environment and individual supervision in all courses. Admission is based on a written application and an interview. To study in Switzerland you will need a residence permit. Please contact the Swiss Embassy in your home country and refer to the website of the Federal Office for Migration ( to be fully aware of the requirements for your entry clearance. You will receive detailed information with your application forms.

Study periods
Fall Term 17.09. – 30.11.2012
Winter Term 14.01. – 22.03.2013
Spring Term 15.04. – 22.06.2013

CHF 1000 per term

Course Directors
Virginia Sease, Ph.D., Oliver Conradt, Ph.D.

Dean of Students
Edda Nehmiz

Fees in Full Time Programs
Tuition fees are CHF 3000 per year. Students need to ensure that they have the necessary funds to pay for their study fees. In addition basic living expenses for the duration of their stay in Switzerland will be approximately CHF 1200 per month. These funds need to be guaranteed before the beginning of their studies.

Further Information and Application Forms
If you are interested in study programs in English or German at the Goetheanum, please contact:

Goetheanum · School of Spiritual Science
Study and Further Education, Ursula Schönholzer
Postfach CH-4143 Dornach Tel. +41(0)6170642 20


Course programs are subject to change.



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